Sustainable findings – September 2023

Sticks and stones

Lizzie Farey is a British artist and she goes out to the wilderness to find inspiration. Take what you find and make something beautiful out of it. I simply just love this branch and twig baske.

Orange design

What should we do with all the orange peel we have? Well, why not make it into a new material that you can 3D print from? That’s what Italian studio Krill is doing. They make lamps, vases and interior design out of fruit peel.

Garbage and a can

Danish Vipp is playing around with garbage. Why not make a garbage can out of garbage? And they did. Can “Rubbish” is made of 75% of garbage waste. Very sustainable.

Sustainable colour

One of my favourite Swedish brands is Recycled by Wille. They really push the limits of sustainability. In their bathtowel collection they use recycled textiles – but to get the colour they sort the recycled textiles by colours. So not added toxic colouring.

Cleaning waterways

Swedish Dixie is making interior design with water hyacinth. The weed clogs the waterways in South East Asia and Dixie uses this weed. It clears the waterways and a thing that normally would be wast is now used in nice design.

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