Sustainable findings – December 2023

Arching for sustainability

Swedish designer Anki Gneib has worked brand Nola for outdoor furniture. One of the new concepts is this arch bench. It is made of waste construction wood. I bow down. Beautiful.

Last year’s sun

IKEA is of course pushing sustainability. The lamp Sammanflätad was designed by Olafur Eliasson and Little Sun. It charges in the sun and shines in the dark.

Green heart

Well, this flower pot is not super sustainable – but super lovely. It was designed by Swedish Prince Eugene and previously made in porcelaine. Now in glass. Local, of course. But no real new materials… By Reijmyre.

Emma knows how to do it

Emma Dahlqvist is one of Sweden’s most interesting people in craft and sustainability. Here she has harvested the birch bark without damaging the tree and made it a textile feeling. Beautiful and inspiring.

Watch out

Swedish watch brand Triwa made a wristwatch out of recycled ocean plastics. New and fun.

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