Hello world.

Hej. This is Trendstefan. For almosts 25 years I have been talking about trends. And since 2005 I have been on stage talking about sustainability. The two things go hand in hand – but separate. A trendy product might not be sustainable and vice versa.

This is my new site. Good Boy is only dedicated to new sustainable design.

It’s not a competition. There are of course always sustainable solutions that are better than the ones here, but the goal here is to inspire and educate. Simply just talk about an alternative.

I want this site to be talking about new materials but more importantly about new thinking. Right now I miss more initiatives like Benim Denim. This is a fashion brand that said “we have 170 meters of spare denim. We will use it and after that close the brand.”

To me, this is all about new thinking.

To be clear. Sustainability to me is about new materials, but also social sustainability, new thinking, vintage, reuse and so much more.

You will find these things here. I will do one post per month with my five to seven favourites that month. It could be findings from a fair, pressreleases or new products.

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What about the name?

A website like this needs to have a catchy name. I am a devoted beagle lover. They are amazing trackers. Their noses can trace almost anything. Like me.

Also you when a dog behaved and did their job, you call them “good boy”. Like me… I am a good boy. Work hard. Play nice.

And lastly. Being sustainable is trying to be good. The better choice.

Good Boy plainly means that you track interesting sustainable design and try to be a good person.

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