Sustainable findings June

This is the time of the year when new talents graduate from various schools. One of my favourites is from the design school in Stockholm, namely Konstfack. Ariana Drvota made this wood sculpture that is both beautiful and also an insect hotel. I ewokes something in me. Sustainable design can absolutely be innovative, provocative and art – as well as being good for the climate. Well done.

I love new, intelligent thinking in the field of sustainability. In April and May IKEA opened up their parking lots for people to use for flea markets. Free of charge. Good for reuse. Standing there a whole day, selling old stuff – where will they spend their money for lunch? At IKEA of course. So smart. Sustainable and smart.

During my travels this month I met Tot. He is Mexican and want us to use our old clothes more. So he takes the garments you dont want any more and make it into a new piece. Just send two or three pieces to him and you will get a whole new outfit. Love.

Italian Krill Design is interesting. They have a way to take peel from lime, oranges and lemons and make it into a new product. Beautiful and sustainable.

It is evident that we need to think differently and make our things last longer. Fritz Hansen now launch a new repair shop. You can repair your classical chairs or get them in a new colour. Don’t buy new – repair. Necessary and smart.

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