Sustainable findings – October 2023

Colour me happy

I have been looking into sustainable textile colouring and it is really, really difficult. One who manages to do a sustanable approach – and large scale – is Industry of all Nations. This t-shirt is dyed in indigo and fermentation. All sustainable. Love.


This set of sidetable is amazing. It is made of waste material such as hay straws. They are all coloured and placed as veneer on wood. Tricky, crafty and lovely. By French brand Lison de Caunes.

Fun and Finnish

A lot of glass brands are now turning their eye on recycled glass. So is Iittala. Here classical piece Ultima Thule in recycled glass.

Brown sugar

London design gallery Dzek Dzek is pushing boarders .They make things that are both super high quality, collectible and sustainable. For this project they asked Formafantasma to make a tile collection (for i.e. kitchens) made of waste lava…

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