Sustainable findings – November 2023

Make it pretty

Stockholmbased Art and Bottles collect boring ashtrays and bowls from fleamarkets that noone wants. Then give it a bit of love, spraypaint and electrical cords. And ta-daaaaa – you get a funky looking new lamp (or vase). Funny and funky.

Paper in a bottle

There have been talks for quite a bit now, about the new paper bottles replacing the glass versions. A cooperation between Carlsberg, Absolut Vodka and Coca-Cola is investigating the bottled future. These vodka bottles came to market in a limited collection late 2023.

A fun guy chair…

During Dutch Design Week in 2023 brands Levi’s and Artek worked together with The Visionary Lab. Used Vitra furniture pieces were dressed in upcycled and reused denim by different artists. Here an Eames chair with mushrooms. Looks fun.

Sun, sun, sun

Everyone is talking about solar panels. But couldn’t we make facades as panels? Of course you can. Dutch brand Solarix makes just that. Nice facades that gives you good energy.

Not terrible at all

Swedish brand Terrible Twins (no, they are actually really nice) makes for instance wheatwarmers. They are based in Dalarna and one of the fancy hotels in the region asked “could we not do something with our sustainable linnen curtains?”. So they did. All these wheatwarmers are made of recycled curtains from a five star hotel. Good use.

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