Sustainable findings – September 2023

Click and pick

Danish Click’n Tile have an interesting approach. They make tiles out of recycled plastics. They are easy to stick to the surface and replace when you are bored. Perfect for kitchens or sideboards like the picture here.

Say hay

During the design week in Milan 2023 one designer got most attention. It was fashion designer Jonathan W Anderson who made upcycled chairs under fashion brand Loewe. Building on folklore craft. Amazing.

Pushing limits

Danish Mater is constantly pushing the limits and boarders of sustainable design. During 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen 2023 they launched a new chair made of recycled milk boxes, called Compound.

Recycled and playable

Lego can be sustainable too. Here are pieces made of Brazilian sugarcane to play with. Not biodegradable.

Ice ice baby

These lamps are made by Icelandic design studio Folk Reykjavik. They have taken used kitchen sinks and tables and reused materials for these pieces.

Pop art

Swedish Poasana have asked artist Auran Frankenstein to make art on sound absorbants. Arty and sustainable.

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