Sustainable findings – April 2024

A maized

US based Prowl Studio got lots of attention in Milan 2023 for this chair. It is the first serial produced chair made of corn starch.

Ryte, ryte baby

Studio Ryte is from HongKong and during the design week in Milan 2023 they made this stool that got a lot of attention. It is made of flax and the construction makes it very steady.

Grey lights

The Dutch design studio Graypants (notice spelling) made this lamp out of recycled cardboard. Super nice light for a great atmosphere.

Recycled plastics

Everyone is trying to do recycling – even a very plastic brand like Kartell. Here a new set called Okra by Patricia Urquiola from 2023. Love the retro shapes and colours.


UAU Project should basically be pronounced as “wow”. They are from Warsaw, Poland and is actually one of the first to do colourful 3D printed objects in sustainable plastics (PLA). I met them a few years ago – first in Frankfurt and then in Eindhoven. Here from an installation in Milan 2023. They are super progressive and fun.

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