Sustainable findings – August 2023

Waste as art

What should we do with all waste? Perhaps art. When I was in Eindhoven at the lovely shop of Piet Hein Eek I saw these masks. Made from plastic waste. By artist Arsenio Rodriguez. Check out his Instagram here.

Everlasting flowers

Last year I made a craft exhibition at Skansen called Bred Blick på Hantverk (Broad view on craft). One of the pieces I really fell in love with were these paper flowers by Swedish Mokkasin. Gorgeous.

Sitting pretty

French Komut were nominated for a big sustainbility award. The make cool furniture in recycled materials such as window sills, fastfood trays and yoghurt containers.

A good night

Swedish brand Midnatt have been making new bed sets for a couple of years. New from last year is their sustainable collection. The fabrics are made of waste and recycled cotton from various textile factories in India.

Green steel

We have been talking about green steel for a while now. Finally we are starting to see products in this material coming to market. One of th first products is this sofa by Emma Olbers for Norwegian Vestre. The sofa is called Stockholm.

Recycled medicine

Monostudio is the design studio in Italy that have been thinking about these unused medicines we have. Old pills should not be thrown in garbage can.

During six months they tested various things they could do with old medicince. And they managed to make some kind of clay and glaze. I am not sure it works agains headache… but still kind of innovative.

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