Sustainable findings July

Love it again

I love when brands are clever – and sustainable. IKEA have started to allow people have flea markets on their parking lots. Plenty of people and lots of things to recycle. But where to do you go for lunch? At IKEA of course. Clever. I like this.

Flower power

More interesting thinking. Fashion brand Jacquemus opened a flower shop in Paris. Flowers are great and an opportunity to talk about good production of things. The flowers were also wrapped in waste textiles from previous collections. So nice.

Cookie crumble

Cookie brand Oreo launched a “kintsugi” kit. Broken cookies? Don’t complain – learn how to repair. Not sure this makes people repair more – but pretty interesting.

Brick building

ReCraft. Or maybe just plain ”upcycle”. At the Danish Design Academy the graduating students showed how we can rescue old building materials (demolition waste) – add a bit of craft – and make something beautiful.

In this graduation project they made interior concepts as walls, flooring and decorative elements.

Super beautiful – and sustainable.

Made by Karoline Cecilie Aigner, Matti Elias Göran Kemppainen and David Maximilian Schneider. See more here.

Kitchen carbondioxide

Brands need to help consumers choose better. I love how the Danish kitchen brand Kvik now reports how CO2 emissions are changing when building a kitchen. Innovative and helpful.

More repair

One of the key features for successful retail is to include some kind of repair. Shoe brand Veja wants to be vegan and super sustainable. So of course they do their own shoerepair shops (or cobbler). Swedish brand Act of Caring have produced the cleaning utensils.

Interesting upcycle

Swedish design studio Interesting Times Gang collaborated with Bolt. They upcycled used cars into furniture for both out- and indoor. Mainly made of recycled airbags. Read more here.

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