Sustainable findings – July 2023

Arranging Disorder

Based in Malmö, designers Anna Ottosson + sa:k Design Studio have been experimenting with form and materials. In an exhibition with the name Arranging Disorder they compare handmade objects with machine made. This machine made 3D printed vase is made of sustainble PLA and have a ceramic counterpart. Nice and sculptural.

The Monochrome collection

Design studio Folkform have used left over materials from rug company Louis De Poortere. With the waste material the studio have added ultramarien yarn, and gone from waste to something beautiful for your wall. Available via Dahl Agenturer.

Kodanska’s new thinking

Danish Kodanska have done some new thinking. Marie, who runs the brand, noticed that so much glass were wasted. She started thinking “how can we change that?” So she found a concept where the glass blower uses ALL parts being blown. From the tip (which normally is cut off) to the piece close to the iron bar. From this she gets new pieces such as egg cup, a small vase and a bell.

Ocean plastics in furniture

Swedish Ekbacken Studios is a new furniture brand. They make easy charis and small table from recycled fishnets in Portugal. Everything is 3D printed. The materials is processed together with Ocean Tech Hub.

Sustainable carpet

Finally a more sustainable plastic carpet. Swedish Pappelina is launching a sustainable alternative. They use pine oil under the name Biovyn. Initially the collection consists of two patterns in a grey beige colourscheme.

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