Sustainable findings – February 2024

Sustainable gifting

Just before Christmas 2023 the thrift shop chain of Myrornas launched the ide that the vinyl record should be the Christmas gift of the year. I don’t mind. More home parties, please.

Sustainable and commercial

Everyone should know by now that vintage is one of the main trend for 2024. I think it is suuuuuuuper interesting to see how a commercial brand like Madam Stoltz have found plenty of vintage bowls in Hungary to sell. More vintage to market – please.

The more you grind…

When shopping for gifts, remember that a few things actually get BETTER the more you use it. Bed linnen and mortars. The more you use – the better. Here from Rusta.

Who hid my toys?

Walter Mingledorff is a designer and artist I found at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I just love how he works with common nostalgic pieces end just twist them a nbit. Here a generic toy (a mouse?) but made into a fruit basket?

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