Sustainable findings – March 2024

Recycled for coffee

I do know that a lot of people don’t necessarily like Nespresso. But I do. They use recycled aluminum and try to recycle as much as possible. Also you only use the amount of coffee necessary. Here a new collection called Vivida with extra vitamine B12.

Reijmyre rewind

I love how classical glass brand Reijmyre realise that there is a need for their vintage pieces. So, very soon you will be able to hand in your old glass as payment for new things. So smart.

Old is the new black

Swedish interior design chain Granit is available in most Scandinavian countries and in Germany. They are starting to use recycled materials for some of their new pieces. Like glass or here – an old wood jetty that is turned into furniture pieces. Look for the collection called Not Wasted.

Repair and remake

Uniqlo is launching a new repair service. Established in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. You can hand in your torn pieces for repair or participate in a repair workshop and learn “sashiko”.

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